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CreateTech is a one-day conference exploring the challenges facing creative technologists. The conference aims to champion the confluence of creative and technology, and the critical role played by creative technologists in the current ad landscape.

CreateTech is both an annual conference and an ongoing 4A’s initiative, providing a forum for technologists and creatives working in advertising.

Together, we explore the cutting edge of technology and its influence on the advertising world—with themes such as artificial intelligence and creativity; making and thinking; ubiquitous intelligence; immersive storytelling; the rise of marketing technology systems; and innovation lab models.

Creative technologies define tomorrow’s advertising world—and we stand at the forefront.

History and Ongoing Mission

CreateTech launched in 2011 to provide a forum for technologists working in advertising. They are a special group, from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, bringing new skills into agencies and building new agency capabilities. CreateTech attracts a broad range of digital professionals and executives working in a creative role or enterprise.

CreateTech is also an active community, which regularly discusses technology and its impact on the marketing and advertising world.

Blockchain Technology: The Marketing Value of Digital Permanence

This whitepaper, part of the 4A’s Digital Horizons Series, explores the reasons why blockchain technology — the innovation behind the Bitcoin cryptocurrency protocol — will have greater impact on the communications and marketing trade within the next five to ten years than social media did from 1995 to 2005.

4A’s CreateTech 2017

Explore the the creative edge of the digital transformation, experience and expressiveness.

What I Learned at 4A’s CreateTech 2016

4A's Member

Key takeaways on design and technological trends in the industry from Flashpoint Medica’s Jose Andrade

Creativity, Technology, and Advertising of the Future

Third Party Content

SteelHouse Chief Product Officer Marwan Soghaier Presents his Vision for Creative Technology at 4A’s CreateTech.

CreateTech 2016 Conference Wrap-up With Chick Foxgrover

Chick Foxgrover, Chief Digital Officer at the 4A’s wraps-up CreateTech 2016. All of the day’s sessions can be viewed on our 4A’s YouTube Channel.

Experience Design & The Future of Advertising Panel Moderated by Piers Fawkes

Piers Fawkes, Founder of PSFK moderated the “Experience Design & The Future of Advertising” panel on day 2 of CreateTech 2016. Panelists: Torsten Gross, Executive Planning Director, JWT Adriana Krasniansky, Senior Researcher, PSFK Billie Whitehouse, Co-Founder, Wearables Experiments Christopher Tai, VP, Director of Technology, Deutsch All of the day’s sessions can be viewed on our […]