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Pursuit of Passion: Diversity in Advertising
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Living Social: Examining the Relationship Between TV + Social Media

Research Services

The VAB examines social media usage, social TV trends, and how users interact with television by device, gender, age, and day in this report.

Our Industry Needs to Stand with Creative Parents

4A's Member

How to retain creative talent by supporting them as parents

The New Faces of Gaming

Research Services

Ipsos suggests that a typical gamer in Europe may not exist. Their survey reveals that older generations are increasingly engaged in gaming. Forty-six percent of 35-44 year olds reported they play some kind of games, while 27% of 45-64 year olds reported the same.

Marketing to Millennial Parents? Here’s How They’re Redefining Parenting for Their Generation

Third Party Content

Think with Google suggests four rules for brands to follow when reaching out to millennial parents.

“See It & Be It”: Tara DeVeaux, CMO of BBDO

4A's Member

BBDO’s CMO shares her insights into the opportunities and challenges facing women and people of color

Eleven Inc. Launches “Be Bold For Change” in Support of International Women’s Day

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In support of International Women’s Day, 4A’s Member Eleven Inc. has launched the “Be Bold For Change” campaign — which encourages women to pledge what they will do in 2017 to support gender equality and social justice.

A Fresh Look into Multicultural Consumers: Refreshing the Retail Landscape

Research Services

Nielsen shares highlights from its report on multicultural consumption and shopping trends in the fresh departments of meat, produce, deli, bakery, and seafood.

State of Digital Video

Research Services

TV and video viewing habits are examined in this report from the VAB.

Words of Advice from a Recovering Impostor

Third Party Content

Szabo is a life and career coach for professional women who are ready to experience true and sustainable fulfillment in their careers and personal lives.