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What You Need to Know About the State of Video Ad Viewability in 2017

Third Party Content

Think with Google studied video ads to better understand the current state of video ad viewability around the world.

Guide to Influencer Marketing

Research Services

WOMMA shares insights into current industry standards, trends, best practices, and measurement guidelines for influencer marketing. 

The CMO Survey

Research Services

Duke’s semi-annual survey of top marketers tracks marketing analytics, B2B and B2C marketing spending plans, trends in social media and mobile marketing, marketing organization, average marketer tenure, and more.

Quarterly Email Benchmark Report

Research Services

Cheetah Digital discusses email marketing trends, benchmarks, and performance analysis by industry and device. Tips for holiday email campaigns are included.

Attitudes to Advertising in Ireland

Find out how consumers in Ireland feel about paid-for and ad-free services, the most effective advertising channels, and ad revenue growth in this Mintel infographic.

Display Benchmarks

Third Party Content

This interactive tool from Google helps agencies evaluate the performance of online advertising campaigns relative to industry norms. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.

Getting Media Right: Creating Breakthrough Marketing in a Connected World

Kantar Millward Brown shares results of its survey of 330 senior marketers around the world spanning brands, media companies, and agencies on the state of marketing in a connected world. Topics include the top challenges marketers face, budget allocation, measurement, media mix, optimization of data, viewability, and much more.


Kantar Millward Brown studies storytelling advertising and its effect on generating emotions, branding, sales, and more.

Advertising Wear-Out: Is it Time for a New Commercial? A New Campaign?

Communicus examines campaign and ad execution wear-out and gives tips on how to know when to change a campaign.

TV + Facebook: Turn Up the Volume on Your Media Campaigns

Research Services

This Facebook IQ study of UK, Australia, Poland and Germany explores the ad effectiveness of campaigns placed on both TV and Facebook or Instagram. See how cross-platform strategies can improve overall audience reach and brand impact.

Marketing Meets Science: How to Set Your Team Up for Success in a Data-first World

Third Party Content

Cloud technology allows marketers to access data more easily and uncover insights more quickly. Alison Wagonfeld, vice president of marketing at Google Cloud, shares three strategies to successfully integrate data, analytics, and machine learning—and increase your marketing productivity.

Television’s Brand Building Power—How it has Changed Over the Years

MSW●ARS studies the effectiveness of TV advertising in the current fragmented media landscape, finding that the television ad format is as effective now as it was in the 1980s.

The Mind of the Viewer

Research Services

The Council for Research Excellence and Nielsen study the affects watching TV alone or with someone has on TV advertising awareness, attention, and emotional responses.

Marketing Effectiveness in the Digital Era: Media in Focus

Research Services

The IPA, Thinkbox, and Google share findings on advertising effectiveness in the digital era.

It’s Time to Think Differently About TV

TVSquared provides six TV measurement and optimization strategies for agencies.