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The Secrets to Higher ROI in Spanish-Language TV

Research Services

Should a brand use ads written in Spanish or English to target the Hispanic market in Spanish-language TV programs? Find out in this report from Nielsen.

White Paper: Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis

This white paper outlines the attribution and cross-platform ROI landscape. It includes a forward-looking discussion of best practices for both advertisers and agencies.

Turbo Charging Your Skippable Pre-Roll Campaign

Research Services

MAGNA and IPG Media Lab examine ad skipping behaviors and the impact of skipped ads and recommends four tactics for optimizing pre-roll ads.

Science of Engagement 2.0

Research Services

BBC shares results of its study on the connection between emotions and campaign metrics.

Facebook Agrees to Measurement Audit

Third Party Content

Facebook sent its top sales executive, Carolyn Everson, to Washington, D.C., to pay a visit to the Association of National Advertisers’ board meeting.

The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

Research Services

Read this annual global survey of data-driven marketers, advertisers, and publishers from GDMA and Winterberry Group to learn what they’re spending on data-driven marketing and advertising, top performing channels, biggest threats, and more.

P&G to review all agency contracts in 2017 in four-step plan to bring transparency to media supply chain

Third Party Content

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) top marketer Marc Pritchard has revealed that it will review all of its agency contracts in 2017 in a bid to bring transparency to the “murky at best, fraudulent at worst” media supply chain.

5 Fixes for Your Online Video Marketing Strategy: Lessons From Google BrandLab

Third Party Content

Kim Larson, global director of Google BrandLab, shares tips for how brand marketers working in online video can better define, share, and positively crush their goals in 2017.

Exploring the Success of Post Formats

Research Services examined what content post format is the most engaging. Surprisingly, out the the four post types reviewed, the study found that users engaged with video much less than other formats.

Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study

Research Services

The IAB set out to prove whether or not including desktop and mobile ads in a multi-platform ad campaign improves brand impact. Find out the results!

Understanding Cross Media Reach

Research Services

Nielsen identifies the relationship between digital and TV advertising by measuring the unique and combined reach of each platform.

Push for Standardized Mobile Viewability Metrics by Ad Groups

Third Party Content

New open source code initiative supported by IAB and 4A’s, but Facebook and Google have yet to commit to add tracking code to apps

State of Digital

comScore examines trends in mobile, social, apps, digital ad monetization, digital commerce, holiday spending, and cross-platform consumers + measurement.

Display Benchmarks

Research Services

This interactive tool from Google helps agencies evaluate the performance of online advertising campaigns relative to industry norms. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.