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Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast for Agencies

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Podcasts can be a great tool in an agency’s promotional arsenal. Hubspot details everything you need to know to start a podcast.

How to Prosper in the Era of Hyper-Competition

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Agencies are facing increasing competition from consulting firms, talent agencies, in-house services, and media and production companies. Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group provides strategies for rethinking your agency’s business model and positioning.

Creative Agency ‘Meet the Team’ Pages

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HubSpot highlights 13 agency websites that have inspiring “meet the team” pages.

80-20 Rule in Social Media

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Jane Browe suggests that when agencies use social media to market themselves the 80-20 rule should be applied. The 80-20 rule in social media recommends that just 20% of a brand’s (in this case, agency’s) content be self-focused. The other 80% should be content that is more relevant in terms of the industry and the […]

B2B Top Shops 2017

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Check out this searchable database of the top 50 B2B marketing agencies from Chief Marketer magazine.

Drive Ad Agency New Business With a PR Plan

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Don Beehler, a public relations consultant to advertising agencies, provides PR tips and tactics to create a public relations plan for your agency.

Joel Idelson Joins Connelly Partners as CMO

Marketing & Communications

Connelly Partners announces Joel Idelson has been named Chief Marketing Officer.

Agencies-Have You Defined Your Values, Mission and Vision?

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Agency Management Institute provides guidance on how to define and distinguish your agency’s mission, vision and values.

Five of the Coolest Agency Websites

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Digiday highlights differing approaches by agencies to set themselves apart. One agency even ditched their website and replaced it with a new Instagram handle.

How to Lose the Fear of Positioning

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Michael Gass of Fuel Lines provides guidance on how to ignite new business through social media and a successful in-bound marketing program.

How to Create An Ideal Client Profile

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AgencyPost explains how to develop an ideal client profile and how it can be used to inform your agency’s marketing activities.

Agency Case Story – Meet 22Squared

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (Monday, March 21, 2016) – Agency Case Story – Meet 22Squared by Richard Ward, President/CEO, 22squared.

Nurturing Bohan’s Award-Winning Culture

4A’s Management Practitioners Forum (Monday, March 21, 2016) – Nurturing Bohan’s Award-Winning Culture by David Bohan, Chairman, Bohan Advertising.

How to Pitch Editors & Win More PR for Your Agency

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Helpful guidance from HubSpot on getting the publicity that your agency deserves. E-mail templates that will help grab editors attention.

Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

In this RSW/US report, read what agency new business thought leaders asked and how agency principals responded regarding: Where inbound fits into the new business process Overall effectiveness of agency positioning How agencies handle the buying process during wins and losses The state of marketing automation for new business.