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Beverage Alcohol Media Report

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Nielsen examines the US media habits of legal drinking age adults and identifies some of the top performing TV alcohol ads.

Social Media Behavior

Ypulse shares insights into the mobile habits of Millennials.

Have Media Habits Changed Among Millennials and Teens?

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eMarketer reports on research conducted by Fullscreen and Leflein Associates on the media habits of Gen Z vs. millennials. See similarities and differences in consumption of regular TV, radio, and various forms of digital media.

MAGNA Advertising Forecasts: Spring Update

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MAGNA predicts that media owners’ net advertising sales will grow 3.7% in 2017 to reach $505 billion. U.S. ad sales are expected to grow 1.6% to $185 billion by year-end. For more details by geographical region, click here to read the executive summary.

Advertising Expenditure Forecasts-June 2017

Zenith’s latest predictions indicate global ad spend will grow by 4.2% in 2017, reaching $559 billion by the end of the year.

The Young & the Brandless

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ANATOMY MEDIA highlights six pillars of content promotion TV networks and streaming services can use to build brand awareness and recognition among consumers, especially young Millennials.

Getting Smart About Reaching the LGBT “TVideo” Viewer

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GfK MRI reveals how marketers can use TV and video to better reach LGBT consumers.

The SoDA Report 2017

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SoDA and Forrester feature research on digital spending trends, adoption of emerging technologies, perspectives on the future of digital, and evolving priorities for both agency leaders and brand marketers.

Social and Media Networks in the UK

Check out this infographic from Mintel to learn about social and media networks in the UK. Topics include top sites visited, trends in sharing of photos and images, content on dark social, and usage of chatbots.

The Digital Marketing Revolution Has Only Just Begun

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BCG and Facebook share three case studiesĀ of companies that have launched successful digital marketing efforts, outline three big shifts transforming digital marketing, and highlight changes companies need to make to capitalize on digital marketing successfully.

Email Marketing & Beyond: Global Industry Benchmarks 2017

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Check out this report from GetResponse and Holistic Email Marketing to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing and discover benchmarks for specific industries.

Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021

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PwC provides trends, ad spending, and forecasts for major media in this global report.

Trends in Consumer Mobility Report

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Bank of America explores consumer adoption of P2P payments.

State of the News Media

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The Pew Research Center provides the latest audience habits, viewership/readership, revenue (including ad revenue), and more for key segments of the news media, from cable TV to podcasting to news magazines.

Internet Trends 2017

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Mary Meeker’s annual report on key global Internet trends. Topics range from internet advertising growth to rise of influencers to digitization of healthcare. Not to be missed!