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Living Social: Examining the Relationship Between TV + Social Media

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The VAB examines social media usage, social TV trends, and how users interact with television by device, gender, age, and day in this report.

Digital Democracy Survey

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Deloitte gives a multi-generational view of consumer technology, media, and telecom trends. Evolving viewing behaviors, attitudes towards advertising, usage of ad-blocking software, social media habits, and more are covered in this year’s¬†report.

Lights, Camera, Call to Action! The Driving Forces Behind Cinema Advertising

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The VAB examines the movie industry and impact of cinema advertising.

Link for Video: Evaluating the Power of Video Across Contexts Using Neuroscience, Behavioral and Survey Measures

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Kantar Millward Brown talks about evaluating the potential of a video across TV and digital platforms, and how to optimize content for each context in this global report.

Programmatic Advertising: The Impact on Brand and Delivery Metrics and What Advertisers Can Do to Maximize Returns

comScore and Kantar Millward Brown report that programmatic online advertising is performing well in areas such as purchase intent, but lacking in awareness and brand-building associations. Check out this global report for their four recommendations on ways to improve return on programmatic campaigns.

Unleashing the Internet in the Caribbean

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This Internet Society report examines the current Internet usage in the Caribbean, barriers to better access in the region, and recommendations on managing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.

Advertising Attention Research: Video Ads and Viewer Attention

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Learn the differences in attention to TV advertising and YouTube mobile advertising and the impact TV ads and YouTube mobile ads have on brand metrics in this report from Google and Ipsos.

Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem

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The IAB tracks the contribution advertising has made to the Internet ecosystem.

Branded App ROI: Evidence of the Value of Consumer Engagement Via Branded Apps

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The Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University examines the value and risks for brands developing mobile apps, as well as how branded apps influence consumer engagement.

Canada’s Updated Anti-Spam Laws-What You Need to Know

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In this infographic from Real Magnet, see highlights of Canada’s Anti-SPAM Law and Private Right of Action provision, which will become effective July 1, 2017. You will also have an opportunity to download a more detailed report that will help marketers stay compliant with these new email regulations.

The Infinite Dial

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Edison Research reveals results of its annual survey of America’s digital media habits, broken out by age group.

What Women Watch: Trends Toward Entrepreneurship, Education, and Empowerment on YouTube

Third Party Content

In this Think with Google article, YouTube shares the top trending content among women, including entrepreneurial and business-focused content, beauty and parenting, and watching ads.

How Brands Can Optimize TV Ads to Drive Product Discovery

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In this Think with Google article, learn how to use TV ads to influence viewers to search for your brand online, plus guidelines on how to make the consumer interactive experience a positive one.

State of Performance Marketing

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Adroll uncovers how marketers coordinate various different channels and technologies to achieve their goals in this annual report.

Social Media Cheat Sheet: A Guide to Today’s Platforms

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Check out this social media cheat sheet from 360i to learn how people and brands are using certain social media platforms, as well as how each can help you achieve your social media strategy goals.