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This section contains a wealth of resources, from upcoming training courses to national conferences, as well as highlights of past events, including videos, galleries and presentations.

Featured Events

4A’s Strategy Festival 2017

Come explore the new frontier in planning, where data and human insights come together to inspire.

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4A's 100th Anniversary

In honor of our 100th anniversary, we’re celebrating the people, agencies and ideas that drive the advertising business.

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4A's CreateTech 2017

Exploring the creative side of A.I. and the strategic territory being terraformed by A.I. technologies.

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All Upcoming Events

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit Bundle

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit equips passionate, motivated employees with proven tools to take charge of their careers by finding innovative ways to serve their agencies, clients and even the greater good.

The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit: Paradigm Shift

As an agency employee, you have proven yourself to be valuable enough to have been scouted, interviewed, hired, paid, given benefits and invited to the summer party. But have you ever considered why you are worth all that? How does your role fit into the agency’s business, and why does that role exist in the first place?

4A’s 100th Anniversary Gala & Fundraiser

In honor of our 100th anniversary, the 4A’s is celebrating the people, agencies and ideas that drive the advertising business at this reception and dinner. All proceeds go to benefit the 4A’s Foundation high school programs.

Agency Growth Series Bundle

Geared specifically for the agency C-suite, this master class webinar series addresses topics focused on driving business growth. Each session addresses a unique topic as it relates to business planning and new business strategy.

Agency Growth: Business Lessons from the Management Consultancies

Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will take a look at the new agency competitive set, with a particular focus on the management consultancies.

2017 Launch for Leaders – Kansas City

A new 2-day workshop that will prepare experienced managers for the next stage in their careers! The registration deadline is September 22, 2017.

2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials Bundle Series

The 2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials series provides you with three critical skills for creating and overseeing your agency’s finances. Sessions Include:

  • 10/5: P&L Forecasting & Analysis
  • 10/12: Negotiating With Brands & Procurement
  • 10/19: Improving Profitability Via Timesheets
  • 2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials: P&L Forecasting & Analysis

    Have you created your budget for 2018? At the end of this webinar, you will understand all the inputs required to go from “blind” to “clear” financial planning, so that you’re better able to predict the future of your agency and in turn make more informed decisions.

    The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit: Idea Machine

    What problems exist that nobody is addressing? What could be added to (or taken from) your agency that would make it a better place to work, more profitable, more interesting or more efficient?

    2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials: Negotiating With Brands & Procurement

    With brands continuing to demand more for less, how do you win? In this webinar, we’ll review how to best prepare for these critical discussions so you’re ready to tackle the most pressing questions most brands, especially procurement teams, will likely challenge you with.

    Agency Growth: Build Your Agency Like You’re Going to Sell It

    Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will step back and take a look at building a sustainable infrastructure for growth. Whether or not you plan to sell your agency won’t be the point of the session. Building a high-value company, driven by a sales machine, will be.

    2018 & Beyond: Budgeting Essentials: Improving Profitability Via Timesheets

    Staff hate timesheets so why are they so important? After this webinar, you will understand the critical data points derived from timesheets, and how to improve staff adherence and accuracy.

    The Intrapreneur’s Toolkit: Influence

    Being someone with good ideas is nice, but it’s far more valuable to understand how to use the limited (and often competing) resources within a company to turn those good ideas into reality.

    Presentation Skills: Communicating With Impact and Maximizing Influence

    What does it take to capture and maintain audience attention? What can you personally do to increase your credibility and ability to influence?
    On October 26, discover the answers to these questions and more in this lively, day-long workshop sponsored by the 4A’s Minneapolis Council and conducted by Gail Calhoun, president of Calhoun Consulting, Inc.

    Agency Growth: Building a High-Performance Pitch Team

    Applying best practices from Mirren’s new business training, Brent Hodgins of Mirren will review how to overcome some of the key challenges that hold back most teams, particularly given the reactive nature of agency culture. Get your team members to better commit, better focus and make their best possible contribution to converting the business.

    Mastering Workplace Conversations Webinar Series Bundle

    The Mastering Workplace Conversations Series provides Junior to Mid-level employees with strategies on how to best communicate their needs and viewpoints with their fellow employees and supervisors, while building a community of talent that is empowered and mature in their delivery.