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Grocery Shopping Now & Later: Will Americans REALLY Buy Online?

Research Services

Field Agent surveyed over 1,000 households to understand the prevalence of online grocery shopping now and expectations of increasing this activity in the future.

A Message from Incoming 4A’s CEO & President, Marla Kaplowitz

Marketing & Communications

As she prepares for an official start on May 8, the 4As incoming CEO shares some remarks on her focus and priorities.

Commercial Trends in Motorsport

Research Services

Nielsen outlines the top ten challenges and opportunities facing motorsport stakeholders and what they mean for the future. Topics include how the connected fan is influencing the sport, the emergence of new sporting powers, revenue streams, and more.

Special 4A’s Member Benefit: Complimentary Live Streaming from Transformation 2017

Marketing & Communications

As a special benefit, 4A’s members will have complimentary access to a live video stream of most of Transformation 2017’s most exciting panels and sessions.

What Shoppers Really Want: Latest Omnichannel Strategies

Research Services

Ipsos surveyed Internet users in the UK, France, and Germany on the topic of omnichannel shopping for fashion and shoes, electronic devices, beauty and cosmetics, food, and travel. Find out the results in this white paper, plus get recommendations for successful omnichannel strategies.

Fuel Lines

Research Services

View Fuel Lines, a blog by Michael Gass, for ideas on the use of social media to fuel agency new business.

4A’s Digital Horizons Series Whitepaper: Innovation Labs

The 4A’s Digital Horizons Series explores the current and near future landscape of digital technology and innovation in the advertising industry. This whitepaper, “Innovation Labs,” provides a fact-based, insider view for those who are considering the best path forward for their own innovation efforts.

White Paper: Current Practices in Attribution and ROI Analysis

This white paper outlines the attribution and cross-platform ROI landscape. It includes a forward-looking discussion of best practices for both advertisers and agencies.

Destination Selection During the Traveler’s Path to Purchase

Research Services

In this white paper, Expedia Media Solutions reveals trends in how American, British and Canadian travelers choose destinations and make purchases.

4A’s MSA Guidance: Client Audit Guidance

4A’s Client Audit Guidance recommends that agencies and advertisers collaborative to design effective efficient controls and verification procedures related to significant marketing expenditures. This document is an updated version of the Client Audit Guidance issued in October 2014.

4A’s 2016 Year In Review (Page Two)

The 4A’s 2016 Year In Review provides an overview of key 4A’s activities last year,

4A’s 2016 Year In Review

The 4A’s 2016 Year In Review provides an overview of key 4A’s activities last year.