Digital Acceleration Series (Bundle Package)

Purchase the ‘Digital Acceleration Series’ Bundle Package (8 webinars)

Digital Acceleration Series: The Impact of Digital on Client Business

Webinar Recording Available! In this webinar, Nick New will cover how digital has forever changed business, the impact of the consumer, and how this alters the way we access information, engage, influence, make decisions and purchase.

Digital Acceleration Series: The Importance of SEO & PPC

Webinar Recording Available! In this webinar, Nick New will deliver the fundamental best practices, tips and hints to get you fluent in search.

Digital Acceleration Series: Demystifying the Paid Media Ecosystem

Webinar Recording Available! Join Nick New who’ll explore the essentials of paid media – how it’s bought, sold and targeted, as well as how programmatic is changing the business and what this means for you. As he unlock these essentials, we’ll also share the most common formats in rich and static media and how mobile is transforming the advertising industry.

Digital Acceleration Series: Don’t Be Left Behind in Mobile

Webinar Recording Available! Terry Rice will share how agencies and brands can be present in all moments that matter by leveraging mobile technologies, such as geolocation, to strengthen connectivity with the brand audience across the customer journey. Learn how to implement a strong mobile strategy into the overarching brand strategy to make a true impact on your client’s ROI an

Digital Acceleration Series: What You Need to Know About Social Media in 2017

Webinar Recording Available!
In this webinar, Nick New will share how key platforms attract and engage consumers, and how successful brands are using these platforms to achieve their business goals.

Digital Acceleration Series: Analytics, Measurement & Optimization

Webinar Recording Available!
In this webinar, Nick New will show you how to improve and maximize the impact of your campaign through tips and best practices in measurement, analytics and optimization. Participants will learn how to leverage tools like Google Analytics and Campaign Reports to track success and optimize campaigns.

Digital Acceleration Series: The Key to Managing Customer Relationships Online

In this webinar, Nick New will cover how CRM can be used to drive brand loyalty through e-mail, mobile and social, while sharing the essential principles of CRM optimizations.

Digital Acceleration Series: Maximizing Retail Impact With E-Commerce Fundamental

In this webinar, Nick New will teach you the core principles, processes and insights of e-commerce on both desktop and mobile to maximize the impact of marketing activity and drive success for a website.