Singing in the shower. Playing Candy Crush on the bus. In the middle of a conference call.
Inspiration doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to feed your brain.

And we’ve got some amazing chefs.

Our Research team is the best in the business. In addition to posting the latest and greatest advertising data on our site, they serve up customized reports to our members on everything from a breakdown of digital ad spending to the Millennial obsession with craft beer. So give them a call and savor some artisanal brain-food.

Bon appétit!

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4A’s Research Insights Newsletter

Prepared by 4A’s Research Services, this popular monthly newsletter provides 4A’s members with valuable insights and industry information, with a particular focus on market trends and data.

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The 4A’s produces or co-produces whitepapers, surveys, studies and reports on a broad variety of subjects. Our Research Services team also shares a great deal of market research and related materials of interest to agency teams.

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Agency Search Consultants List

The 4A’s is pleased to provide its list of Agency Search Consultants. This list is updated on a regular basis.

Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue 2017

Research Services

Find tire sales, brand rankings, market share, tire pricing, distribution channels, and much more in this annual issue from Modern Tire Dealer.

This is Adland ’17: Part 1: Gender

Research Services

This is the second survey by Campaign and the IPA on gender in UK advertising agencies. See how the industry has fared since the first survey was launched a year ago.

Accounts in Review: 2016 Year End

The 4A’s Accounts in Review analysis compiles information on publicly reported account review activity. The description of the “Accounts in Review” analysis and the link to the report covering the 2016 year end is provided here.

Swipe to Buy: How to Capture Tomorrow’s Online Brand Loyalists

Research Services

In this report, Nielsen explores the FMCG online shopper with insights on path-to-purchase, generational shoppers, and strategies to reach this segment of the population.

Multicultural Millennials: The Multiplier Effect

Research Services

Nielsen shares highlights from its study of multicultural millennials (African American, Asian American and Hispanic).

The Economic Contribution of Advertising in Europe

Research Services

The World Federation of Advertisers and Deloitte share results of their report on the contribution of advertising to the European economy and to EU citizens.

17 Retail Trends for 2017

Research Services

FUNG predicts the top retail trends for 2017.

Confessions of the Admen

Research Services

In this report, Ipsos reveals that media planners have different media habits and views of the world than the general public. Ipsos emphasizes that it is important for planners to be cognizant of these variations when making budget allocation decisions.

Black Millennials in America

Research Services

Check out VAB’s in-depth report about active and young Black Americans who are driving digital and social change. Topics include income, media habits, attitudes towards advertising, and much more.

AdReaction: Gen X, Y and Z

Kantar Millward Brown shares findings from its latest AdReaction global study.

Uniquely Gen Z

Research Services

NRF and IBM explores the technology preferences of Gen Z, their influence on household spending, and relationships with brands in this report. An infographic is available with highlights.

Kitchen Trends Study

Research Services

Houzz surveys homeowners who are planning, in the middle of, or have recently completed a kitchen renovations to learn current trends, including reasons for renovating, budgets, popular design features, and more.

Snapshot of Older Consumers and Student Loan Debt

Research Services

This snapshot from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau focuses on the student loan debt of consumers 60+, why they have such debt, and how it’s impacting their financial security later in life.

2017 Tech Trend Report

Research Services

The Future Today Institute forecasts emerging technology trends that will influence the advertising and public relation industry, as well as other sectors, in the year ahead.