The 4A’s hosts webinars regularly to provide learning and development opportunities to our members.

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Advertising & The Law Series

A six part webinar series that highlights critical information to help agencies navigate today’s complex litigious marketing environment.

Agency Planner Essentials Series

A three part webinar series providing the essential skills for every junior- to mid-level account managers and strategic planners.

C-Suite Series

A six part, interactive & participatory webinar series for executives of small-to-mid-size agencies that shares best practices for financial and operational success.

Digital Acceleration Series

An eight part webinar series unlocking essential digital marketing skills every agency professional should know.

Glass Ladder Series

A multi-part series tailored to the next generation of female leaders and professionals, account managers and strategists, creatives and technologists.

Organic Growth Series

A three part webinar series illuminating how to turn your account teams into an aggressive organic growth machine – consistently scoping for new assignments from every client on your roster.

Project Management Series

A four part webinar series that outlines the keys to project management success. From learning how to define your scope to how to protect your agency’s margins.

Relentless Mothers Series

A four part webinar series breaking down the duality of work/life balance, illuminating how mothers (and even fathers) can and should expect to strike a balance while being a relentless force for all the things that gives them purpose.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series

A twelve part online series, designed to provide a foundational layer applicable to all entry-level advertising employees.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series

A 12 part series for mid-level account managers, and client-facing staff designed to improve their client leadership skills.

Talent Leadership Series

A four part series created in mind for agency professionals that focuses on impacting agency culture and developing through topics such as developing female leaders, unpacking unconscious bias, creating purpose throughout employee lifescycle.

Winners’ Circle Series

Hosted by Charles Day, the renowned creative leadership advisor, this multi-part series will talk to those behind the most successful companies and most acclaimed work, providing tools and insights to help participants navigate the highs and lows of the creative business.

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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Social Media & Digital Etiquette

Transitioning into the workforce can be challenging. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and how to show up the right way can be very difficult. Worse yet, this pressure is carried into our personal online presence which is many times accessible to our bosses and co-workers. How do you balance being yourself and being a professional?

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series Bundle

The Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series provides entry-level employees and interns with a foundational layer designed to accelerate careers, while serving as a time-saver for inundated managers unable to oversee a lengthy onboarding process.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Finding Lifelong Mentors To Fast-Track Your Success

Finding mentors is critical to your success in this business. It’s important that you surround yourself with inspiring people who can help provide you with important insight and perspective as you navigate your career.

How Client Trends Are Changing Agency Selection: The Next 12 Months

Mirren’s latest client-side research is in: There are new industry changes for the year ahead. Join Brent Hodgins of Mirren Business Development as he discusses how clients are shifting to a greater focus on technology, data, insights and business performance.

Power of Podcast Advertising: Powerful Influence, Powerful Partners

So much has been said in the last several years about the booming podcast industry. Brands are just starting to discuss how podcasting fits into their brand, and agencies are left doing all the research. During this session, we’ll explore the benefits of podcast advertising and uncover myths about the podcast ad space.

Power of Podcast Advertising: Demystifying the Buying Process

In the current industry, podcast ads are currently often thought of as an extension of radio or traditional media, which puts both the brand and the podcaster at a disadvantage. This webinar will educate you on the different buying channels as well as how to truly make the most of this unique medium.

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NOTE: Recordings Available

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Delivery Matters – The Art of Storytelling

Webinar Recording Available! As new talent joining the advertising industry, you will be tasked to tell your brand’s story and motivate consumers. This webinar will show you how you can use storytelling to convey your thinking in a more compelling manner. As a result, value will be placed on your ideas.

Digital Horizons: Creating a Culture of Innovation

Webinar Recording Available! An R&D focus inside of agencies is not new, but the rate of technology and industry change is immense. Consequently, the pressure to keep pace with your clients and competitors is paramount to your future success. Formal innovation efforts are one way to future-proof your organization.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Shortcuts to BIG Ideas

Webinar Recording Available! Just starting out in the industry? Regardless of your job, creative thinking will always help you get where you need to be and stand out. This webinar will help you recognize the difference between a bad idea, a good idea and a great idea.

How to Win, Keep and Grow Accounts in 45 Minutes

Webinar Recording Available! Agencies need a faster, sharper way to stand out with clients and prospects to show they are capable of infinitely better thinking. Fast Track Team Planning is a methodology that recognizes that your agency’s success or failure is determined in a 45-minute window of opportunity.

Telling Better Brand Stories to Consumers on the Move

Webinar Recording Available! Michael Lieberman, Chief Strategy Officer of Kinetic North America, and Dan Levi, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, will teach you how to engage with moving audiences in meaningful ways, influence choices and behaviors, and measure outcomes along the path to purchase.

How Behavioral Economics Justifies the Power of Creativity in Marketing

Webinar Recording Available!In this webinar we will summarize the key principles of behavioral economics and how they can be applied to better define marketing problems. We’ll also discuss how to use behavioral economics to develop and sell big creative ideas, as well as solve business problems.