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Agency Planner Essentials
The Agency Planner Essentials series provides three key skills for every strategic planner.

Led by Noetic Consultants, a marketing consultancy offering brand strategy, research, training and facilitation services to senior leaders and their teams, this series will:

This is vital knowledge for junior- to mid-level account managers and planners.

Topic Covered
5/9/2017 Digging Deep for Customer Insights
Webinar Leader: Lauren Stradley, Senior Consultant and Partner at Noetic Consultants
5/18/2017 Getting to Your Most Powerful Message
Webinar Leader: Annette Tully, Senior Consultant at Noetic Consultants
5/23/2017 Customer-Driven Media Planning
Webinar Leader: Marci Klugman, Senior Consultant at Noetic Consultants
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Shifting the S-Curve: Deploying Creativity in Transformational Moments

How do we do more, better, faster? It’s not about speed – or even agility – so much of it is about finding ways to engineering empathy. Gain real-world insights on what it takes to truly accelerate growth through the power of Creativity. Learn how you can turn it on in your teams (if you don’t mind a little bit of chaos).

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