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Project Management

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Project Management
Consisting of four (4) one-hour webinars that outline the keys to project management success.

In these webinars you will develop the ability to:

  1. Define your scope to maximize project success and profitability while keeping your stakeholders happy.
  2. Identify the tools to help strengthen your results on time and within budget, ensuring it will get you “over the finish line”.
  3. Create metrics and communicate campaign success to your stakeholders.
  4. Protect your agency’s margins by identifying risks and successfully managing change.

Agency professionals who fall into one or more of the following categories should attend:

To learn more about special pricing when you purchase all four, email webinar@aaaa.org.
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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Mastering Workplace Conversations Webinar Series Bundle

The Mastering Workplace Conversations Series provides Junior to Mid-level employees with strategies on how to best communicate their needs and viewpoints with their fellow employees and supervisors, while building a community of talent that is empowered and mature in their delivery.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Channeling Your Inner Champion

As non-veteran talent, it’s sometimes uncomfortable to share your perspective, advocate for yourself, and communicate your value to your supervisor. This webinar will show you how to reduce anxieties and express strengths by using strategies that best deliver your worth in a more humbling and confident manner.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Cultivating Agency Comradery

As you advance your advertising career, you will learn that no one individual in the workplace is the same. Everyone comes to the table with his or her own motivations, self-doubt, strengths and ideas. Each colleague you interact with will have a particular temperament and not all discipline stereotypes should be trusted.

Mastering Workplace Conversations: Decoding and Converging Feedback

As juniors and middle weight talent it can be hard to share your opinion and offer feedback without fear on how it will land on another’s ears. It can also be feel defeating to hear what others have to disclose to you.

IPA Foundation Certificate – January 29th Exam

The 4A’s is pleased to offer the award-winning IPA Foundation Certificate through a partnership with its UK-based sister organization the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising), which has just been newly adapted for the North American market. Enroll by Monday, December 18, 2017 for your chance to take the online exam on Monday, January 29, 2018.

Digital Media Effectiveness Bundle

The Digital Media Effectiveness bundle will show you how to help your clients transform their businesses so they can tap into the digital media innovations that are accelerating customer acquisition.

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