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Project Management

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Project Management
Consisting of four (4) one-hour webinars that outline the keys to project management success.

In these webinars you will develop the ability to:

  1. Define your scope to maximize project success and profitability while keeping your stakeholders happy.
  2. Identify the tools to help strengthen your results on time and within budget, ensuring it will get you “over the finish line”.
  3. Create metrics and communicate campaign success to your stakeholders.
  4. Protect your agency’s margins by identifying risks and successfully managing change.

Agency professionals who fall into one or more of the following categories should attend:

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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Build a Predictable Lead Pipeline: The 3 Systems To Put In Place Today

Learn the 3 systems you need in place to generate leads on a consistent basis, so you can stop relying on referrals. Thought leader Jason Swenk ran a successful digital agency for 12 years, eventually selling his agency. The 3 systems he’ll unpack are ones that separate the most profitable agencies from the ones that are struggling.

4A’s Executive Leadership Program – New York

The focal point of this course is a globally acclaimed computer-based simulation that challenges participants to lead, manage and improve the performance of a marketing communications agency over time. Participants acquire actionable skills that they can immediately apply to succeed.

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