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On this page you’ll discover learning and development opportunities focused on the topic of Media and Data.

As media channels and ecosytems continue to evolve, it becomes more and more critical to be ahead of the curve. Through our learning and development programs you’ll learn from experts in the industry, explore the latest technology, understand solutions in the marketplace, and much more.

Topics to be discussed include:


The 4A’s is partnering with the IAB to offer their Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification.

This credential raises your professional stature by demonstrating your knowledge of the most important concepts, guidelines, and best practices in digital media planning strategy, allowing you to serve you client’s needs in an effective and intelligent manner.

The program requires that you meet the professional standards set by the leaders in the digital advertising industry by taking an administered exam, and then maintaining your credentials through re-certification.

Learn more about the IAB Digital Media Buying and Planning Certification.
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NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are scheduled in Eastern Time.

Telling Better Brand Stories to Consumers on the Move

Michael Lieberman, Chief Strategy Officer of Kinetic North America, and Dan Levi, EVP/Chief Marketing Officer of Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, will teach you how to engage with moving audiences in meaningful ways, influence choices and behaviors, and measure outcomes along the path to purchase.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series Bundle

The Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series provides entry-level employees and interns with a foundational layer designed to accelerate careers, while serving as a time-saver for inundated managers unable to oversee a lengthy onboarding process.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Shortcuts to BIG Ideas

Just starting out in the industry? Regardless of your job, creative thinking will always help you get where you need to be and stand out.
This webinar will help you recognize the difference between a bad idea, a good idea and a great idea.

Digital Horizons: Creating a Culture of Innovation

An R&D focus inside of agencies is not new, but the rate of technology and industry change is immense. Consequently, the pressure to keep pace with your clients and competitors is paramount to your future success. Formal innovation efforts are one way to future-proof your organization.

Rock Star(t) Onboarding Series: Delivery Matters – The Art of Storytelling

As new talent joining the advertising industry, you will be tasked to tell your brand’s story and motivate consumers. This webinar will show you how you can use storytelling to convey your thinking in a more compelling manner. As a result, value will be placed on your ideas.