Glass Ladder Program

Essential training for the next generation of female leaders.

As part of our “Women and Diversity in Advertising” initiative, the 4A’s brings you more in the acclaimed Glass Ladder Program.

Providing essential learning experiences tailored to the next generation of female leaders and professionals, account managers and strategists, creatives and technologists, the Glass Ladder Program features some of the most inspiring voices in the industry including Cindy Gallop, Susan Credle, and Madonna Badger.

Ambitious women of all disciplines face distinct challenges in a gender-imbalanced industry and our webinars and seminars examine the impediments, issues, and opportunities confronting the next generation of female leaders.

Introducing a Virtual Coach-Led Program for Mothers within Agencies

ma_finalDesigned for valued mothers across all “work” and “mother” levels, including mothers-to-be, this 16-week virtual coaching program transform working agency mothers into increasingly effective leaders through a relatable, coach-led curriculum.

Mothers meet bi-weekly with a certified coach team who can uniquely shape the conversation and guide mothers to find their own answers for what success looks like to them. Topics include:

It’s a proven program that has successfully impacted women to take control and create lasting change within their work and their home. For agencies, this program represents an opportunity to acknowledge, support and retain this valuable segment of their talent population.

To learn more and register for the Fall program, click here.

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Support your working mothers with our new webinar series!
The Relentless Mothers
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In this four-part webinar series you’ll learn about the motivations of modern mothers in the advertising industry, illuminating how mothers can and should expect to strike a work-life balance. Some of the content can be applicable to fathers as well.

This is essential knowledge for employees who are parents, managers, leaders and HR professionals.

3/1/2017 The ‘Why’ of Working Mom
Webinar Leaders: Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction & Engagement at Momentum Worldwide and Arthur Woods, Co-Founder of Imperative
3/7/2017 Implementing A Parent Support Approach
Webinar Leaders: Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction & Engagement at Momentum Worldwide and Lisen Stromberg is the COO of the 3% Movement
3/23/2017 How Work/Life Balance Looks For You
Webinar Leader: Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction & Engagement at Momentum Worldwide
3/30/2017 Successful Transition Planning For Parents
Webinar Leader: Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction & Engagement at Momentum Worldwide

Testimonials from Mothers

“What we learned goes far beyond theories or principles. We got actual usable tools that I still draw on every day to help me navigate all the different, yet wonderful, parts of my professional and personal life.” Lauren Johnston, Executive Creative Director, Geometry Global

“Before the program, my stress was high. I wasn’t happy and had one foot out the door. Now, I’m in control and loving my life. I’m here to stay.”

“I now have the tools to be more present in my current situation, and more effective at work and home.”

“The learnings are helping me build relationships and support across all departments.”

“I realized it’s not all on me. I have to let others know what I need.”

Interested in accessing insightful thought leadership that only Cindy Gallop can provide?
This is your chance! In honor of the one year anniversary of the 4A’s Glass Ladder Series, we are relaunching recordings of Cindy Gallop’s webinars for you to purchase. Including:

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  • Individual*: $208
  • Unlimited**: $975

*Individual: One-day access to recording
**Unlmited: Two-weeks access to share with your team or the whole agency

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