Glass Ladder Series

Essential training for the next generation of female leaders.

As part of our “Women and Diversity in Advertising” initiative, the 4A’s brings you more in the acclaimed Glass Ladder Series.

Providing essential training tailored to the next generation of female leaders and professionals, account managers and strategists, creatives and technologists, the Glass Ladder Series features some of the most inspiring voices in the industry including Cindy Gallop, Susan Credle, and Madonna Badger.

Ambitious women of all disciplines face distinct challenges in a gender-imbalanced industry and our webinars and seminars examine the impediments, issues, and opportunities confronting the next generation of female leaders.

Interested in accessing insightful thought leadership that only Cindy Gallop can provide?
This is your chance! In honor of the one year anniversary of the 4A’s Glass Ladder Series, we are relaunching recordings of Cindy Gallop’s webinars for you to purchase. Including:

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Featured Speakers

Cindy Gallop has 30 years’ experience working in brand building, marketing and advertising. She is the former chair of BBH New York, which she started in 1998 (having previously worked for BBH in London and helped to start BBH Asia Pacific in 1996), and was AWNY Advertising Woman of the Year in 2003. Alongside her startups IfWeRantheWorld (published as a Harvard Business School case study) and MakeLoveNotPorn (launched at TED 2009), she speaks on business, leadership and gender equality around the world, and works as a coach and consultant, characterizing her approach as, “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business.”

Susan Credle, incoming Global CCO, FCB, believes that tenacious strategic thinking expressed through unforgettable creative with scale leads to long-term success for businesses and brands. Susan spent over two decades at BBDO/NY, where she rose from “bathroom-break girl” for the agency’s receptionists to EVP, Executive Creative Director. There, Susan, with her partner, Steve Rutter, reinvented the iconic M&M’s characters; helped turn Cingular Wireless from a small challenger brand into a category leader; and created other consistently award-winning work for such clients as Bank of America, FedEx, Gillette, Lowe’s, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut and Visa.

Madonna Badger is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Badger & Winters, an advertising, branding and design agency specializing in beauty, fashion, luxury and women’s lifestyle brands, and is one of the rare agencies led by a female creative. Prior to founding the agency, Madonna worked at Esquire, Madame Figaro and Calvin Klein, where in 1990, where she created the Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss campaigns, and launched CK One. Madonna recently announced that she and her agency would no longer objectify women, through the recent launch of #WomenNotObjects.

Glass Ladder Series: Tapping Into the $20 Trillion Misunderstood Consumer

90% of women feel misunderstood by advertisers, yet they control $20 Trillion of the US economy. Join Madonna Badger who will explain the purpose of her agency’s social campaign #WomenNotObjects and the importance of empathetic advertising. Attendees will learn her four filters on identifying objectification in advertising and gain a better understanding of today’s female consumer.

Mothers@Agencies: Pilot Program

Mothers@Agencies is a 16-week virtual coaching program that targets agency mothers and helps them transform into leaders through a relatable, coach-led curriculum. ​It’s a proven program that has successfully impacted women to take control and create lasting change within their work and their home. Registration deadline is January 24, 2017.

Past Webinars

Glass Ladder Series: How to Become an Executive Creative Director When Nobody Thinks You Can – With Cindy Gallop and Susan Credle

Ambitious women creatives face particular challenges in the most gender-imbalanced discipline in our industry. This webinar focuses on creative business leadership and talent management, and as such, is relevant to anyone working in a creative capacity in any industry. Join Cindy Gallop and Susan Credle for guidance on becoming an ECD.

Glass Ladder Series: Overcoming Unconscious Bias: How to Climb Higher Up the Career Ladder Every Single Day – With Cindy Gallop

The biases that we face in the advertising industry, and in many other industries, are often unconscious and institutionalized. This makes them particularly hard to address because the individuals and the institutions are oblivious. This webinar will focus on identifying and understanding unconscious bias, and provide ways to spot and ensure it doesn’t impede your career.

Glass Ladder Series: Meetings, Pitches, Presentations, Negotiations: Selling Your Work and Selling Yourself – With Cindy Gallop

All too often we don’t present ourselves, or our work, in the right way, and this has a profound effect on our success. Join Cindy Gallop in this webinar that focuses on how to get your point across effectively and achieve desired outcomes, whether it be your thinking internally, your work to clients, or yourself with regard to career ambitions, promotions and pay.

Glass Ladder Series: How to Join the C-Suite When Nobody Thinks You Can – With Cindy Gallop

Join Cindy Gallop for a discussion on the frameworks for: thinking about your career, how you present yourself, talk about yourself, and how you interact and communicate with your managers and leaders, combined with practical tips and guidance for identifying actions and behaviors that will ensure you get taken seriously, and get promoted, early and often.