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Introducing the North American Edition of the IPA Foundation Certificate!

Online exam scheduled for April 24, 2017.

Introducing The Winners’ Circle!

Explore the success in today’s creative industries through this new webinar series led by Charles Day.

With a host of training and educational offerings, including our industry–leading webinars, developmental seminars, and national conferences, the 4A’s is committed to nurturing talent of all levels and career stages.

The 4A’s Learning and Development programs are offered in a variety of formats: one-hour webinars, half-day and full-day workshops, multi-day training programs and online training. Each year, more than 13,000 people gain knowledge and experience through our training programs. The 4A’s provides learning opportunities that focus on a variety of subjects like digital strategy, leadership skills and project management.

Through a partnership with the 4A’s UK-based sister organization the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), the 4A’s is pleased to now offer the award-winning IPA Foundation Certificate. A highly coveted credential for entry-level associates with less than one-year experience, the certificate program provides junior industry talent, regardless of discipline, with the knowledge and expertise to perform their roles with confidence.

In addition, nine multi-week Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) programs provide junior talent (with less than four years of advertising experience) an immersive training experience through team-based, hands-on, case study assignments.

Finally, the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) offers the next generation of leadership the opportunity to practice executive decision in realistic, high-stakes agency situation. This exceptionally popular and effective program is scheduled to be held six times each year.

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Digital Acceleration Series: Analytics, Measurement & Optimization

In this webinar, Nick New will show you how to improve and maximize the impact of your campaign through tips and best practices in measurement, analytics and optimization. Participants will learn how to leverage tools like Google Analytics and Campaign Reports to track success and optimize campaigns.

The Relentless Mothers Series Bundle

Learn how to effectively support modern working mothers in an industry that can be relatively unaccommodating. Part of the 4A’s Glass Ladder Program, “The Relentless Mothers” webinar series breaks down the duality of work/life balance, illuminating how mothers (and even fathers) can and should expect to strike a balance while being a relentless force for all the things that give them purpose.

The Winners’ Circle Bundle

The Winners’ Circle series explores success in today’s creative industries. Hosted by Charles Day, the renowned creative leadership advisor, the series will talk to those behind the most successful companies and the most acclaimed work, providing tools and insights to help participants navigate the highs and lows of the creative business.

The Winners’ Circle: Talent or Luck? The Truth Behind An Iconic Campaign and Other Stories

‘The Most Interesting Man in The World’ for Dos Equis is one of the ad industry’s most recognized and awarded campaigns. But it barely made into the first client meeting. Karl Lieberman, one of the campaign’s co-creators, will describe what he’s learned about the conditions needed to make great work, and how he’s fostering those principles at Wieden + Kennedy, New York.

The Relentless Mothers Series: The ‘Why’ of Working Mom

Understanding how to realize the potential of mothers at work. Jacqueline Debien of Momentum Worldwide, will propose cultural tactics you can adapt and apply to help motivate relentless, creative mothers with purpose. Arthur Woods of Imperative will share insightful proprietary research illustrating the purpose that drives mothers in our industry.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series: Communications Styles – How to Build Rapport and Agreement With Clients

Join Gary Duke and learn what your own preferred communications styles are likely to be; the most common styles of clients – and what that means for how they work with you; how to recognize other people’s communications styles; and strategies for working effectively with people whose styles clash with yours.

The Results Are In…How Savvy Women Really Thrive in Advertising

Free Webinar: More than 250 women — from C-suite executives to assistants — participated in an exclusive survey and have revealed what it takes to thrive in the fast-paced, ever-changing and high-burnout advertising industry. Join life and career coach Chelsea Szabo for a complimentary webinar and get important insights compiled from the data.

The Relentless Mothers Series: Implementing A Parent Support Approach

Do you know how to provide relentless support that is as equally ambitious as the working moms & dads at your agency? It’s not easy to get it right, or know if you’re providing the kind of assistance that’s actually needed.

Advertising & The Law: In’s and Out’s of Content Marketing

In this timely and relevant session Rick Kurnit, Partner of Franfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC, will frame the legal and regulatory requirements associated with content marketing.