Collaborator. Associate. Colleague.
(Call ’em what you like.)
With good partnerships, you can work miracles.

Establishing and maintaining partnerships is a critical part of agency life, and there are all sorts of ways we can help.

Our forums, committees, and councils gather professionals across agency types and specialities to discuss a broad array of topics. Need to discuss social engagement with like-minded marketing minds? Check. Have questions about branded content? We got that, too. And a whole lot more.

We can also help you network and learn at the same time, with seminars and workshops offered by our Learning & Development group.

View the latest from 4A’s Partners

Webinar: Why Clients Do What They Do

In this webinar, held on February 2, 2016, client procurement and client/agency consultant John Gleason shares his perspective with the 4A’s new business community.

ANA/4A’s Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations

An ANA/4A’s task force has developed ANA/4A’s Agency Reviews for Project Work Guidance Considerations, a white paper that provides clients and agencies with principles to help optimize the review process for project assignments.

4A’s Task Force Issues ‘Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct’

Media Services

The 4A’s, the leading trade association representing the advertising agency business, has released the “Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct,” which outline common goals and modern industry practices surrounding the issue of media transparency.

Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report

In this RSW/US report, read what agency new business thought leaders asked and how agency principals responded regarding: Where inbound fits into the new business process Overall effectiveness of agency positioning How agencies handle the buying process during wins and losses The state of marketing automation for new business.

The State of the Agency Business in 17 Charts

Research Services

Agency Post pulled together 17 insightful charts on the current state of the agency business. Learn more about the trends in new business, client relationships, and the marketing needs of clients.

Webinar: Mark Goldstein – Critical New Business Decisions and Lessons Learned

In this November 3, 2015 webinar, former new business committee member Mark Goldstein discussed the critical decisions that determine how successful you’ll be in new business — and why most agencies neglect making the right calls.

4A’s Announces Jury for Second Annual Partner Awards

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s has announced the jury for the 2016 Partner Awards, which honor creativity and collaboration in advertising.

How to Craft an Agency PR Plan That Drives New Business

Research Services

Don Beehler of ABC&D Communications provides three recommended planning steps to help you maximize public relations for new business.

The 4A’s Announces Winners of the 2015 Partner Awards

Marketing & Communications

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) today announced the winners of its first-ever 4A’s Partner Awards. The Partner Awards recognize and celebrate creativity and collaboration among agencies, brands, media and technology companies.

4A’s New Business Reviews for Project Assignments Survey Report

Management Services

The prevalence of project assignments and the trend toward project pitches is on the rise. The 4A’s survey report on Reviews for Project Assignments contains valuable information on project dynamics. Please contact Sal Conte at for a copy of the survey.

4A’s New Business Activity and Process Adherence Survey

Management Services

The intent of the 4A’s New Business Activity & Process Adherence Survey was to gather information about: (1) levels of new business activity and (2) review process dynamics. Please contact Sal Conte at for a copy of the survey.

Agency Search Consultants Advice for Agencies

The 4A’s asked industry leading agency search consultants to provide “One-Piece-of-Advice” that the association could share with members as they begin thinking about their new business plans.

Presentations That Command the Room & Win Business

Research Services

Brent Hodgins of Mirren Business Development addresses how to craft a more engaging new business presentation.

The Irrational Arguments Against Focus

Research Services

Tim Williams gives five solid reasons why an agency needs a well-defined focus.

How to Craft a More Interesting Agency Story

Research Services

Tim Williams stresses the importance of agencies making their own stories more compelling.