Singing in the shower. Playing Candy Crush on the bus. In the middle of a conference call.
Inspiration doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to feed your brain.

And we’ve got some amazing chefs.

Our Research team is the best in the business. In addition to posting the latest and greatest advertising data on our site, they serve up customized reports to our members on everything from a breakdown of digital ad spending to the Millennial obsession with craft beer. So give them a call and savor some artisanal brain-food.

Bon appétit!

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4A’s Research Insights Newsletter

Prepared by 4A’s Research Services, this popular monthly newsletter provides 4A’s members with valuable insights and industry information, with a particular focus on market trends and data.

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The 4A’s produces or co-produces whitepapers, surveys, studies and reports on a broad variety of subjects. Our Research Services team also shares a great deal of market research and related materials of interest to agency teams.

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Ipsos Top Cities 2017

Research Services

 Ipsos interviewed adults in 26 countries to find out which countries they feel are the best to live in, visit, and do business in. Generational preferences are also provided.

Total Consumer Report

Research Services

Nielsen examines food and CPG shopping habits, learning how trends in ecommerce and brick and mortar retail channels shape the path to purchase.

TV + Facebook: Turn Up the Volume on Your Media Campaigns

Research Services

This Facebook IQ study of UK, Australia, Poland and Germany explores the ad effectiveness of campaigns placed on both TV and Facebook or Instagram. See how cross-platform strategies can improve overall audience reach and brand impact.

2017 Nielsen Music Mid-Year Report: US and Canada

Research Services

Nielsen summaries music consumption trends and consumer insights in these reports for the U.S. and Canada. Most popular artists and songs, music sales, top videos and audio streamed, and more are included.

A New Era for B2B Marketing

Research Services

This report from B2B Marketing, based on interviews with leading marketers, discusses the changes, challenges and opportunities in B2B.

School Comes First: 2017 Back-To-School Advertising Insights for Digital Marketers

Research Services

In this Bing report, gain valuable insights and tips for the back-to-school market covering pre-college and college students. Learn about spending levels by product type, searching trends, demographics of buyers, ad campaign timing and strategies, and much more.

Television’s Brand Building Power—How it has Changed Over the Years

MSW●ARS studies the effectiveness of TV advertising in the current fragmented media landscape, finding that the television ad format is as effective now as it was in the 1980s.

The Millennial Shopping Report

Research Services

CouponFollow examines the purchasing decisions of Millennials and what it means for both online and offline retailers.

Gen Z: Music

Research Services

This research from BPI and MIDIA examines how the Gen Z market in the UK engages with digital media, social media, and music. Five music advertising case studies are included.

American Time Use Survey

Research Services

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics studies the average amount of time Americans spent involved in a variety of activities—from working to child care to sleeping—per day in 2016.

Spotlight on Consumer App Usage

Research Services

App Annie examines consumer app usage, including how many apps people use and how long they use them.

Break from Technology

Research Services

This report from GfK reveals our level of addiction to technology by country of residence and by age groups.

The Passenger IT Trends Survey

Research Services

This SITA report examines consumer expectations of technology provided by airlines and airports. Travelers from around the world rate their satisfaction levels in booking, check-in, bag tag, bag drop, passport, dwell time, boarding, on board, and bag collection.

School’s Back in Session! Back-to-School Campaign Trends and Tips

Research Services

MediaMath shares tips and advertiser trends to help optimize media efforts and drive better outcomes for your back-to-school campaigns.

IAB Podcast Ad Revenue Study: An Analysis of the Largest Players in the Podcasting Industry

Research Services

IAB reveals that U.S. podcast ad revenues are expected to reach +$220 million in 2017, an increase of 85% over 2016. Check out more results in IAB’s first ever podcast advertising revenue study, which includes stats by delivery mechanism, ad mechanism, and campaign type.