Client Relations

Keep your friends close and your partners closer.

The info you need to maintain good relations with your clients, including tips on improving account longevity, trends in agency-client relationships, and more.

Account Turnover and Longevity
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Maximizing Client-Agency Relationships

2017 RSW/US New Year Outlook

The RSW/US New Year Outlook Survey Report explores challenges in the business, spending expectations, the impact of marketing technology, and increases in the use of house agencies and project work. Two different and often opposing perspectives are offered from the agency and marketer sides.

4A’s Council Report: Kansas City

Agency Relations & Membership

Attorney Candice Hersh reviews the latest challenges in Master Service Agreements

No Longer Fly Blind With Your Agency

Bruno Gralpois of Agency Mania Solutions makes the case that clients should be using data to manage their agency relations more effectively. Three critical ways that marketers can use data are determining success KPIs, automating data capture, and establishing dashboard solutions for better oversight and management.

How Marketers Can Get Their Agencies to Collaborate

Bruno Gralpois of Agency Mania Solutions explains the top 5 ways advertisers can foster real collaboration between their roster agencies.

Will You Marry Me For Just one Night?

Bruno Gralpois explores ways to stop the endless cycle of short lived relationships and account reviews. Here are four vows you should commit to that will ensure a lasting partnership.

6 Client Onboarding Mistakes That Ruin Relationships Before They Start

Research Services

Here’s how to manage the client onboarding process to ensure a more successful relationship.

Are Your Briefs Tight Enough?

Improve your briefing process by following these basic principles from Bruno Gralpois of Agency Mania Solutions. Five ways to improve your strategic and creative briefs.

4 Expert Strategies to Future Proof Your Client Relationships

Research Services

Penny Jo Welsch provides some sound advice on monitoring and nurturing your client relationships.

What’s Top of Mind for Clients Right Now – Especially Regarding New Business

Search Consultants Joanne Davis and Dan Wald shared their perspectives on the state of client needs, wants and priorities, and also share the key findings from their recent survey report during August 7, 2016 New Business >>>Download presentation: What’s Top of Mind for Clients Right Now – Especially Regarding New Business