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Learn how to effectively support modern working mothers in an industry that can be relatively unaccommodating. Part of the 4A’s Glass Ladder Program, “The Relentless Mothers” webinar series breaks down the duality of work/life balance, illuminating how mothers (and even fathers) can and should expect to strike a balance while being a relentless force for all the things that give them purpose.

Sessions Include:

What You Will Learn:

  • The “coach approach” for moms.
  • Success stories of flexibility.
  • Best practices for implementing the coach approach at work.
  • A framework for considering working moms.
  • Insight into the motivations and purpose of working moms.
  • What “purpose” really means.
  • Simple steps to start supporting moms at work in a meaningful way.
  • What balanced success looks like for you.
  • Principles for how to make your success a reality.
  • Questions to bring you clarity.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers and Leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Employees who are parents

About the Webinar Series Leaders:

Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction and Engagement at Momentum Worldwide, and Lisen Stromberg, COO of the 3% Conference and author of the book “Work Pause Thrive, How to Pause for Parenthood without Killing your Career,” will outline models and practices that support parents’ health, productivity, peace-of-mind and career fulfillment. Ultimately, all of this creates an agency of powerful talent.
Arthur Woods of Imperative will share insightful proprietary research illustrating the purpose that drives mothers in our industry. Jacqueline Debien of Momentum Worldwide, will propose cultural tactics you can adapt and apply to help motivate relentless, creative mothers with purpose mothers (and even fathers) can and should expect to strike a balance while being a relentless force for all the things that give them purpose.
Lisen Stromberg is the COO of the 3% Movement. She left a senior role in advertising because she was frustrated by the lack of support for women in general, and mothers in particular. She pivoted to become an award-winning journalist. Her book, Work Pause Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career address why it is so hard to be a parent in today’s modern workplace. She has come full circle and is now back to her roots helping make change so the representation of women can be fully realized both in-house and in the world at large.

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