Digital Horizons: How Blockchain Technology Is Creating A New Digital Age

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Blockchain technology has moved from its mysterious origins in the Bitcoin community to a technology that has captured imaginations and stands to transform multiple industries.

Relative to other industries, discussion of the impact of blockchain technology on our trade has been minimal. This is a mistake – it absolutely stands to become at least as disruptive as the Web was a generation ago.

With examples and case studies, this webinar will deliver the light-under-the-door of what can happen when companies and consortia provide “a single version of permanent digital truth” – a feature that blockchain technology uniquely provides.

What You Will Learn:

  • The important high-level concepts related to blockchain technology.
  • Projects and proofs-of-concept that startups and established companies are undertaking today, ranging from ad-buying to social networking and even corporate social responsibility.
  • Questions to ask in your own organization to ensure successful first steps in this exciting area.

Who Should Attend:

  • Heads of innovation
  • Digital managers and leaders

About the Webinar Series Leaders:
Phil Gomes’ career in the communications field is characterized by his passionate interest in technology, media, and emerging forms of communication. As Senior Vice President, U.S. B2B Digital at Edelman, Phil has counseled clients across all the firm’s practices, sectors, and markets worldwide. In this role, Phil challenges teams and companies to engage with online communities in ways that are compelling, persuasive, and parallel with “digital citizenship” expectations.

Prior to joining Edelman, Phil spent nearly a decade in Silicon Valley working with innovative companies such as SRI International, Adaptec, Matrix Semiconductor (now part of SanDisk/WD), and Hitachi Semiconductor (now Renesas). Phil’s work helped guide clients to win the Technology Pioneers Programm Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, twice.

Phil is widely considered to be the first PR professional to start a blog (2001) and the first to describe and demonstrate the value of blockchain technology in communications. He continues to publish thought leadership on blockchain-related topics and frequently delivers speeches on the subject. Phil made the “Innovator 25” list in 2014.

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