Agency Planner Essentials: Digging Deep for Customer Insights

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Are you digging deep enough to really know your customer? At the end of this webinar, you will understand what customer insights are, and how to mine for the most meaningful ones so you can deliver more impactful campaigns.

What You Will Learn:

  • What a true “insight” is
  • Insight generation process
  • Insights vs. “THINsights”
  • How to use the “4 WHYs” Tool
  • How to evaluate an insight
  • Benchmarking: how others successfully mine meaningful customer insights

Who Should Attend:
Junior- to mid-level account managers and planners

About the Trainer:

Lauren Stradley, Senior Consultant and Partner at Noetic Consultants. With over 15 years of experience, Lauren has had the pleasure of doing brand management and brand strategy for companies like Discovery Communications, Best Buy and Target. At Noetic, she has directed diverse client projects centered around brand strategy and research, and has overseen strategic plan production and planning cycle construction for AT&T’s Business Council and Marriott Brands Portfolio Planning. A Eugene Kummel Scholar, Lauren received her MBA from Yale University.

Noetic Consultants is a marketing consultancy offering brand strategy, research, training and facilitation services to senior leaders and their teams. We provide fresh perspectives and intelligent thinking to help you achieve your goals. We are distinct in our approach because we are culturally aware of and adaptable to your organization. We are highly adept at creating clarity where it is lacking, and act as a catalyst for your team to realize important results.

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