FTC Updates Endorsement Guide FAQs and Settles First-Ever Action Against Individual “Influencers”

Management Services

Frankfurt Kurnit Klein+Selz provides updates on the FTC’s guidance for social media endorsements.

4A’s Agency Prospect Assessment Guidance

The 4A’s New Business Committee has developed new “Agency Prospect Assessment Guidance” to help facilitate more consistent and efficient implementation of longstanding 4A’s guidance regarding the appropriate level of thoughtful consideration and discussion prior to engaging in a review.

Accounts in Review: 2017 First Half

The 4A’s “Accounts in Review” analysis compiles information on publicly reported account review activity. The description of the “Accounts in Review” analysis and the link to the report covering the first half of 2017 is provided here.

Webinar: 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR) Guidance Discussion

On July 27th, 4A’s held an agency-only webinar to help survey participants and 4A’s members understand the important information contained in the 2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report (LBRSR).

2017 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report – Order Form

The 4A’s has released updated hourly labor billing rate information, revealing that 2016 labor billing rates in the advertising industry in are generally higher than those in 2014. The findings of this report include industry-wide guidance on market based labor rates. Download the order form here.

Webinar: Improving Agency Relations with Marketing Procurement – Mary Ann Brennan

Procurement thought leader Mary Ann Brennan (Sr Director Global Procurement, Mattel, and ANA Agency Relations Committee Co-Chair) shares information and suggestions related to improving agency relations with marketing procurement with the 4A’s community, via a complimentary members-only webinar sponsored by the 4A’s Western Region New Business Committee.

Webinar: New Business Committee Q2 2017 – The State of Agency Business Development

In this recorded webinar Randy Cohen, President & COO of Advertiser Perceptions discusses findings from the recently released report “The State of Agency Business Development.”

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Leveraging Data and Analytics

Moderator: Susan Noonan, Executive Director of Media and Analytics, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — The Power of Pricing Options

Moderator: Tim Williams, Founding Partner, Ignition Consulting Group

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Creative Directors: Leading by Great Example

Moderator: Jennifer Putnam, CCO, Allen & Gerritsen

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — Innovation Labs

Moderator: Chick Foxgrover, Chief Digital Officer, 4A’s

4A’s MPF | Sunday April 2, 2017 — The State of Agency Business Development

Speaker: Randy Cohen, President & COO, Advertiser Perceptions