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Women & Diversity

Ongoing initiatives that create opportunities and destroy bias.

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4A’s Strat-Fest

Planners and Strategists:
Join us as we celebrate your biggest and boldest ideas

Oct 16-18

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Advertising Week 2016 to Focus on Gender & Diversity

Global Online Media Leaders Join Forces to Improve Consumer Ad Experience

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Lead. Follow. Or step aside.

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New blood is good for the system.

Rally the troops

When being the company know-it-all is a good thing.


Friends, meet other friends.

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Featured Conferences

Design and the Future of Advertising
Nov 9-10

CreateTech 2016

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October 4
SSSL Series: Get Out in Front and LEAD!

Learn how to quickly identify problem areas and areas of opportunity for organic growth.

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October 6
SSSL Series: Getting More Creativity Out Of "Creative Thinking"

Learn an effective method, based on the latest research in brain science, for developing all kinds of fresh ideas.

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October 7
PM Series: Define the Scope to Maximize Performance & Minimize Surprises

Learn the keys to effectively scoping and staffing your agency projects.

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October 11
Managing Your Pitch Team to Convert More Business

Learn the eight steps to make your pitches more effective and efficient.

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Featured Webinar Series – Project Management Series
Designed to help professional-level talent optimize project scope, tools, metrics, and margins.